Marcel Fengler – Groove Podcast 380

Hot on the heels of the massive compilation celebrating ten years of his label, Marcel Fengler's Groove mix hints at what to expect from IMF in the near future.

ISNT (Oramics) – Groove Resident Podcast 41

Producer and DJ ISNT, founder of the Oramics collective that has just unveiled its Same Baby database, goes hard in mix for Groove.

Mantra – Groove Podcast 379

The London-based Rupture and EQ50 co-founder Mantra delivers an energetic mix full of deep cuts and brand new material.

Zoë Mc Pherson – Groove Podcast 377

SFX label owner Zoë Mc Pherson's Groove mix is a recording of a memorable night at RSO.Berlin last October.
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Zvrra – Groove Podcast 376

Having just released a futuristic drone EP on 30D ExoPlanets, Zvrra delivers a risky Groove mix full of dark sounds and hard grooves.

Krake: Berliner Festival widmet sich dem Thema der Inklusion

Menschen mit Behinderung sind vom Nachtleben oft ausgeschlossen. Das Berliner Krake Festival nimmt sich in diesem Jahr dem Thema an.

Terence Fixmer – Groove Podcast 375

French producer and live performer Terence Fixmer was aiming for a "soulful vibe" with his contribution to our Groove podcast.

XL Order – Groove Podcast 373

The anonymous duo XL Order showcase their broad influences on the Groove podcast and share some exciting news in our in-depth interview.
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Elisa Bee – Groove Podcast 372

Ahead of the release of her new Stolen Goods EP, Milan-based producer and DJ Elisa Bee condenses an all-nighter into a highly energetic mix

Zaliva-D – Groove Podcast 371

SVBKVLT affiliates Zaliva-D's Li Chao delivers a deeply psychedelic and slightly eerie improvised live set for the Groove podcast.

BitterCaress – Groove Podcast 370

Montréal-based DJ and MFC Records label owner BitterCaress delivers a belting 50 mix of trance-infused techno on three decks.

Pikkauch B2B noa (HALL) – Groove Resident Podcast 38

HALL resident Pikkauch and noa go back to back to represent the Tallinn club with an acid-heavy mix on the Groove Resident Podcast.
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Andrew Red Hand – Groove Podcast 369

Andrew Red Hand in full effect: The Romanian producer's Groove mix showcases his take on raw and punky electro.

Mayo – Groove Podcast 368

"Not fast but never boring" is Amsterdam-based selector and Fides-affiliate Mayo's motto for her Groove mix.

Soreab – Groove Podcast 367

Baroque Sunburst co-founder and prolific producer Soreab takes things—somewhat—slowly with his Groove mix.